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Are you passionate about transforming your downtown district into a vibrant and thriving community?

Do you believe in the power of grasroots efforts to bring about positive change? If so, we invite you to join our dedicated team of volunteers and be a part of the downtown district's rejuvenation movement. Explore the various volunteering opportunities below and find a role that suits your skills, interested, and schedule.

Please join us in person at a meeting and/or use the form below. We regulary meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7 PM. The location of each meeting is announced on our Facebook Page.

Please indicate the level of time commitment you are willing to make to support our cause:
A few hours per week
A few hours per month
One time event, such as a festival
What is your age group?
18 or older
Under 18, seeking volunteer hours

Please check one or more volunteer opportunities that interest you:

Event Planning & Coordination:

Are you organized and love to bring people together? Join our event planning and coordination team to help organize community events, festivals, and markets. Your efforts will foster a sense of community and draw people to our downtown district.

Community Gardening Enthusiasts

If you have a green thumb and a passion for gardening, consider joining our community gardening team. Help us plant and maintain urban gardens, flower beds, and green spaces throughout the district. Your gardening skills will contribute to a more attactive and sustainable downtown.

Artistic Visionaries:

Do you believe that art can breathe life into a neighborhood? Join our team of artistic volunteers and help create vibrant murals, sculptures, and other public art installations. Your creativity will add character and inspiration to our downtown streets.

Business Mentorship Program:

If you have business acument and want to support local entrepreneurs, consider becoming a mentor in our business mentorship program. Share your knowledge, experience, and advice to help small businesses thrive in our district.

Social Media & Marketing Wizards:

Help us spread the word about our revitalizaiton efforts by joining our social media and marketing team. Create enganging content, manage our online presence, and promote our events to attract more support and volunteers.

Fundraising & Grant Writing Experts:

Assist us in securing the necessary funding to fund our revitalization projects by joining our fundraising and grant writing team. Your skills will be crucial in obtaining resources to drive our initiatives forward.

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