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We are a 501(c)(3) charity started by a group of individuals with the sole mission of continuously improving the historic 1811 Downtown District in London, OH.

We serve to connect our member businesses and residents to resources that strengthen the neighborhood and spread awareness of the 1811 District beyond our boundaries.

Work with partners to bring lively activities to the city for children, families, and more nightlife events.

Events & entertainment

We want people to know about the downtown and all the it offers (and will offer in the not so far future). We will maintain a social media and web presence to keep everyone in the know.

Create a buzz

Diligently work to expand our culinary offerings in the historic downtown by seeking and welcome new restaurants to our community.

Expand dining choices

We want to go beyond the work of our city services. This includes things such as the addition and care of flowers, leaf removal, weed spraying, snow removal, and improved tree care.

Improve seasonal maintenance

Be the voice of our small town with the people that can help implement change.

Speak the needs

Offer grants to help in special community projects or for the maintenance or restoration of historic buildings.

Provide grants

Encourage revitalization of our city's buildings into mixed-use properties to create apartments, offices, and retail spaces.


Work on amenities in the district to make the area more inviting for people to want to spend time here.

Beautify the district

Dedicate our time to developing relationships at all levels of government, investors, entrepreneurs, and members of the community.

Develop relationships


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